Ian Sample…..Honest Man or Betrayed Warrior

August 22, 2007

A poem by BowStock 

Warriors Rise

You may write us down as vanquished
With your snide and twisted lies
You may trod us in the very dirt
But sill, like dust, our Warriors rise.

Did you want to see a Warrior broken?
You think of our demise?
We bowed our head with lowered eyes.
Shoulders falling down like teardrops.
Weakened by soulful cries.

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides
Just like hopes springing high,
Still our Warriors rise.

You  may shout at us with your
You may drown us with your jeers,
You may ridicule our coachin guyz
But still, like air, our Warriors rise.

Do our trusted fanz upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That our One Warrior Nation can stand firm
And run to glory line where sparkling diamonds shine.

Of the despair of betrayal and shame
Our Warrior’s rise
Up from a past that’s rooted in
They will rise

Black helmets symbolizing our deep dark ocean,
leaping and wide,
Welling and swelling
We bear in the tide.

Leaving behind agonizing memory
and pride
Warriors rise

Into a daybreak that’s wondrously
Warrior rise!

Bringing the gifts that other 
loyal players gave,
The haka we chant and accept this challenge
to victory we pledge to fight

Warrior rise
Warrior rise
Warrior rise.


Colt Brennan for Heisman…..

August 22, 2007

 I have many positive thoughts when it concerns QB Colt Brennan. Before speak about his Heisman candidacy, I want to speak about Colt Brennan the man, the individual.

The one word that I  can describe when someone says Colt has to be: Loyalty. Colt is a person who possibly given up millions and a chance at the NFL to pursue his goal of turning the Hawaii Football program into a team to be wrecken with. His commitment and love for the Hawaii community has really been an amazing thing as I stand back and watch it all take hold. He indeed is a role model for all of those boys and girls that  believe what they should do, does come from the heart. His passion and drive to make Hawaii Football ever more great is why I have much respect for him and his aspirations of the future. If you ask why……I will tell you because loyalty in Hawaii comes a long way. People in the islands seem to grasp loyalty as a sign of love and most of all pride. The Hawaii people see his endless loyalty and indeed realize and believe that it will one day come back to him. He never turned his back on the University of Hawaii or the people of the islands. And that speaks a lot, especially for me a meer fan and mortal.

 His Heisman candidacy only shows us the Hawaii people of how great Colt is as a player but more so as a man. He will continue to break records and hopefully fullfil that trip to NYC……..but we the fans honor him for Colt the football player and yes even Colt the commited man of his word. Like that old saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” Oh yes indeed this rings true when it regards Colt Brennan.


Hawaii Football……BCS contender or Hawaii Bowl defender

August 21, 2007



As this Football Season comes around the corner, the hype and excitement about what is Hawaii Warrior Football is truly amazing. I mean, never could I even imagine a few years ago that our UH program would be the absolute media darlings, have pre-season Top 25 recognition, and a Heisman leading Contender in Colt Brennan. When I think about what is before me, it feels as if its only a dream or something. I mean, this little school out in the deep blue Pacific up in the preseason polls with Ohio State, USC, and Florida? And the positive media attention that not so long ago was always there to bring down and almost discredit the Hawaii program each and everytime. As I wake up and finally come to the conclusion that, yes indeed, it is finally happening! The ultimate athletic “wet dream” is finally molding into fruition. And this is coming from a “Non-BCS” Program that many said couldn’t possibly be done. And from a program that would continously be gang tackled by the excuse mongers, and BCS apologists because hey, “It’s only Hawai’i.”

 But then comes the Warriors to back slap all those that didn’t “believe.” They believed that success will pay off in the long run. The continous road blocks that stood in their way year after year, wasn’t going to stop them no longer. Only these young men could propel them to where they are right now……BCS contenders. 

And with the positive reviews and Top 25 respect comes one simple question: Is Hawaii a BCS contender or will they be the Hawaii Bowl defender. Or in other words, does Hawaii have the chance to play with the “Big Boys” or continue the staus quo and beat up on the “little guys.” My biased belief believes in my being that UH can more then compete for a BCS title. Unfortunately with our weak schedule and other factors, could potentially deny us the opportunity. But I think that the stars are aligned and my dreams will eventually come true. Or thats what I hope for! LOL If not, Hawaii will fight its way to the Hawaii Bowl where it has bred success for the short period of time the Bowl has been in operation. But as Warrior fans, I believe we want more and crave for something else. If there was ever a year for that “something else” to happen, it is Now!! The opportunity is in our grasps. Optimism and Positive outlook =Positive Outcome. The time is Here. 

 Now as we step into the 2007 season, the Hawaii Warriors are gearing up for a battle. A battle to prove that they do “belong.” A fight for respect, recognition, and understanding that they sure can play with the rest.  And a chance to turn the heads of the Hawaii Haters and Mid-major bashers that Yes, Hawaii can prove that with passion and love for the game, anything is possible.